Roger Miller born January 2, 1936 and one of the most multifaceted talents country music has ever known.

A struggling honky tonk singer and songwriter, when he first hit Nashville in 1957, he blossomed into a country pop superstar in the 1960's his self penned crossover hits such as: "Dang Me" and "King of the Road." In a matter of one year, 1965 to 1966, he won eleven Grammy's.

Miller was drafted during the Korean war, he was sent to Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia.  While stationed there he met Bill Anderson, which began a life long friendship.  In 1963, Miller made guest appearances on the "Jimmy Dean Show" and the "Tonight Show," where his humor was well received.  In late 1963 he signed with "SMASH" records.

Miller was married three times and fathered seven children.  Barbara gave birth to his first child, Michael, who later died.  Then he married Leah Kendrick, his third wife was Mary Arnold whom he met through Kenny Rogers.  Mary was a member of the First Edition, a band that included Kenny Rogers.  Miller was a life long Cigarette smoker.  Miller died of lung and throat cancer in October of 1992 at age 56.

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