Patty Loveless was born in Pikeville, Kentucky on January 4th, 1957. Patty was country musics most admired female singer of the 1990's for her consistently sensitive choice of songs and for her skillful balance of modern and traditional country vocal styling.

Just like her distant cousin Loretta Lynn, Patricia Ramey (Patty Loveless) was born a coal miners daughter. Her father John Ramey was forced to leave mining because of black lung disease.  He died at the age of 42 in 1979. In her later teens after high school, she joined the Wilburn Brother's touring show as their featured girl singer. In 1976, she married the Wilburn's drummer Terry Loveless. Her marriage to Loveless ended in 1985. This happened after a bout with alcoholism.

In February 1989, she married producer and bass player Emory Gordy Jr. In 1992, in late fall, she had laser surgery on her vocal cords, which she made a full recovery. Patty joined the Grand Ole Opry cast in June of 1988. She is still active in the music industry.

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