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Lacy J. Dalton arrived on the scene in late 1979.  She was different from most female country music singers of her generation because of her gritty attitude and sensuous voice.  She was influenced by the folk music of Joan Baez.

She left Brigham Young University where she was studying Art to play folk and rock music.  She was signed to Columbia Records where she took the name Lacy J. Dalton.  Her given name is Jill Byrem and was born in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1946.

Her hits on Columbia included Hard Times, Takin' it Easy, Everybody Makes Mistakes and her signature song, 16th Avenue.

In 1971 her husband was paralyzed in a swimming pool accident.  A week later she discovered she was pregnant.  Lacy supported her family on part-time jobs and food stamps.  Her husband passed away in 1974.

She has settled in the Comstock Region near Virgina City, Nevada.