Few singer, songwriters have exerted more influence on country music or have been as successful than Kris Kristofferson. His career began in the 1960's.

Krsitofferson has excelled as a recording artist and as a Hollywood actor. Kris is a Rhodes scholar, he served as an army captain and helicopter pilot before turning to music. In 1965 he took up songwriting in Nashville, Tennessee. He wrote "Me and Bobby McGee" for Roger Miller in 1969, for the "Good Times" for Ray Price he scored a number one hit and a Grammy Award in 1970. He also wrote "Sunday Morning Coming Down" in 1970 for Johnny Cash taking the song to number one and later named the CMA song of the year.  He also penned "Help Me Make It Through the Night" for Sammi Smith, a number one hit in January of 1971,  Smith also won a CMA Award for Singer of the Year.

Kristofferson's own recording career has been met with mixed success. His gravelly voice has not been a big hit with radio programmers. He did score a number one hit with "Why Me" in 1973 with Rita Coolidge and  Larry Gatlin doing back up vocals. Also in 1985 with "Highway Man."  With the help from Waylon, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kristofferson.

He was married to Rita Coolidge from 1973 to 1980. Kristofferson has made more than twenty films including Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid in 1973, a star is born in 1976 and "Convey" in 1978. Kristofferson has been married three times and has eight children. His second wife was Rita Coolidge, they had one child. Kristofferson was born June 22nd 1936 in Brownsville, Texas.

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