Join me Sunday morning at 11 a.m. for the music of Jody Miller on the Country Classic Spotlight.

Jody was born on November 29, 1941 in Phoenix, Arizona.  She is best known for her 1965 hit Queen of the House which was an answer to Roger Miller's King of the Road. 

Folk music was a big influence for her and she had some success covering pop tunes throughout the 1970's.  She recorded a remake of The Chiffons' 1963 hit She's So Fine, which climbed all the way to No. 5 on the country charts.  Other songs she covered include Baby I'm Yours and  To Know Him is to Love Him.  

Jody left the music world in the 1980's but later returned as a Christian artist.  She continues to perform and sings her hits as well as her gospel music.

Join me Sunday, July 21 at 11 a.m.  for the music of Jody Miller on the Sunday Morning Country Classic Spotlight.  We kick things off at 9 a.m. when I take you back to country music's roots with the Country Classic Show.