Many of my listeners have asked that we do a spotlight on George Jones so go ahead and join me Sunday December 28th at 11 am for the life and music of George Jones.

George Jones, country singer and songwriter, was born into poverty on September 12, 1931 in Saratoga, Texas.  He went on to become a successful musician later in life.

His first hit was in 1955 with Why Baby Why?.  He joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1957 and continued to write songs into the 1980's.  Jones past away on April 26, 2013 at age 81.  He Stopped Loving Her Today was recorded by George and it has been named in several surveys as the greatest country song of all time.  Ironically, George did not like the song when he first heard it and he once stated:

Nobody will buy that morbid S.O.B.

He soon changed his tune.  He earned the Grammy award for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1980, among many other top honors for, the song.

Jones recorded the Grand Tour in 1974.  His troubled marriage to fellow country star Tammy Wynette was falling apart by the time he recorded it and the song tells the story of a previously happy marriage ending in divorce.  It proved prescient, as the couple ended their marriage the following year in 1975.  In a bizarre twist, Wynette went on to marry George Richey, who co-wrote the hit song.

Jones pulled off a late career resurgence with Choices from the album 'Cold Hard Truth' in 1999.  The song seemed like a confession coming from Jones himself, who had his share of ups and downs and questionable choices in his life and career.  Jones won a Grammy for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for the song.

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