Gary Morris, born in Fort Worth, Texas December 7, 1948.  This ruggedly handsome Texan entered the country scene as a country heartthrob and moved on quickly to roles on television and musical theater. He sang without twang and abstained from cowboy hats and duds.

At the end of 1982 he launched a hot streak of romance and vulnerability.  Morris's voice was stronger in a more classical scene than that of any country artist of his day.  Morris's record sales were suffering by the end of 1987, a perception among country fans that he was more interested in TV than in country music.  Morris has two siblings, a twin sister Carey and a younger brother, Mark.

In the early 1970's Morris  made a living by singing in nightclubs in Denver, Colorado.  In 1976, Morris signed on with Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign.  He sang at fundraisers during Carter's campaign.  In 2008, Morris released two Gospel CD's.

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