Freddie Hart born December 21, 1926 in Lochapoka, Alabama. His recording of "Easy Loving" was the highlight of his career. The song was voted the CMA's Song of the Year in 1971 and 1972. However, he never achieved star power after that song. He did have several more successful recordings.

Born Fredrick Segret in a family of fifteen children, he had a troubled childhood; running away from home at age seven. He joined the Marine Corps in 1942 he was just 15 years old. Following the war, Hart lived in California where he taught classes in self defense at the Los Angeles Police Academy.

In 1948 he met Hank Williams, who taught him a great deal about songwriting. In 1951 he joined Lefty Frizzell's Band for a year. It was through Frizzel that Hart got his first recording contract. Hart's songwriting has generated hits for Porter Wagoner, Charlie Rich and others. He recorded several number one hit songs. "My Hangup is You,"  "Super Kind of Woman" "Bless Your Heart" and "Got the All Over For You All Over Me."

Hart retains a large following in Europe and here in the States. He still performs at festivals, Universities and Churches.

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