Deborah Allen, born September 30, 1953 in Memphis, Tennessee born Deborah Lynn Thurmound. She had a very successful career as a songwriter in Nashville before she started as a performer.

In 1978 she began collaborating with Rafe Van Hoy producing hits for Lee Greenwood, Tanya Tucker, Patty Loveless and John Conlee. She and Van Hoy married in 1982.  Deborah was a former beauty queen in Memphis. She was a back up singer for Roy Orbinson.

She began recording duets with the deceased Jim Reeves in 1979. Allen added the Harmonies to Reeve's tracks including, "Don't Let Me Cross Over." Allen's country pop singing style was showcased in her 1983 hit, "Baby I Lied."

Since 1976, Allen issued 12 albums and charted 14 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. Now in the millennium she is doing international performances with world renowned symphonies. A little girl from Memphis had a dream and made it come true.

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