You can join me for the Sunday Morning Country Classic Spotlight on October 23rd at 11 am when we feature Dan Seals.

Dan Seals got his start with his older brother Jim Seals, as a member of the soft-rock group “England Dan and John Ford Coley.”  They hit it big with “I’d Really Love to see you Tonight” and “Nights are Forever without You.”

After the duo disbanded, Seals began his solo country music career.  Dan Seals became a well-known country-pop singer and songwriter throughout the 1980’s and into the early 1990s.  He released sixteen albums and charted 20 singles on the country chart.  Eleven of his singles topped the chart at number one  In 1985, Seals had a smash number one duet with Marie Osmond. The song was written by Paul Davis. The song refers to two lovers who go their separate ways to pursue their dreams.  He to became a country music star and her to be a Hollywood actress. They decided the best hope for their future is with each other in Montana.

Seals had other top ten and number one hits like, “God Must be a Cowboy,” “Everything that Glitters (It’s not Gold),” “Addicted” and “Good Times.”

Seals passed away at age 61 on March 25, 2009 from cancer.


Wrote my whole life down in a notebook, songs about you and me, I’ve been singing to every soul in Tennessee, nobody seems to listen.


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