This week in the 98 Country Classic Country Spotlight -- country and gospel singer Barbara Fairchild.

Fairchild was born on November 12, 1950.  She is best known for her 1973 country chart topper "The Teddy Bear Song."

Barbara started her career in country music at age 15.  In 1968, after high school graduation, she decided to follow her dream and moved to Nashville.

Her first single was in 1969 entitled, "Love is a Gentle Thing" -- it was a minor hit.  She was nominated for a Grammy when  "The Teddy Bear Song"  reached number one.  She has had many hits following the "Teddy Bear Song," including, "Baby Doll," and "Kid Stuff."

Since 1991, Barbara has been recording in the Southern Gospel music field.  She now lives in Branson, Missouri where she lives with her husband Roy Morris.  They both perform at their own theater in Branson, Missouri, singing both Country and Gospel music.

Join me Sunday at 11:00 AM  for the Country Classic Spotlight featuring the music and life of Barbara Fairchild.