Sunday on the Spotlight I am featuring Johnny Lee.  He rose to fame in 1980 with the success of the movie "Urban Cowboy," reared on a dairy farm, South of Houston, Texas.

Johnny Lee joined the House band at Gilley's Night Club in the late seventies.  The 1980 hit movie "Urban Cowboy" was mostly shot at Gilley's Club.  It was the soundtrack from the movie that took Lee to fame.  The record launched several hit singles, one of which was Lee's "Lookin' for Love."

Lee was married to Charlene Tilton, an actress who stared on TV's popular series, "Dallas."  They married in 1982 and divorced in 1984.  Lee was born July 3, 1946. He's been active since 1976, in the country-pop and countrypolitan genres.

I hope you'll join me Sunday April 8th, Easter Sunday as I play the hits of Johnny Lee: "Lookin' for Love," "One in a Million," "Bet Your Heart on Me," "The Yellow Rose" and many more.  Join me Sunday at 11:00 AM for the Sunday morning Country Classic Spotlight on 98.1 FM 98 Country.