You and I grew up on them. We read them, our grandparents read them to our parents, our great grandparents read them to our grandparents and so on. So what's so bad about fairy tales? Some parents won't read them to their kids. Really?

When NBC decided to launch their new series Grimm this season, they did a survey of 2000 adults and the results actually shocked me.

During this research, one in five parents said they were not reading classic fairy tales to their kids. They opted for more modern stories. Other parents were leaving Rumplestiltskin on the shelf because they felt it was too scary for their kids - you know, kidnapping and all. Goldilocks and the Three Bears were snubbed because it parents felt it condoned stealing.

The one that shocked me the most is 52% of parents said Cinderella didn't send a good image to kids because it portrays a young woman doing housework all day. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Who are these people? Am I so clueless and out in left field that I should be banished from ever even thinking about having kids?

Here's how I look at it. Fairy tale stories are just that, STORIES. It is a chance for parents to read a great story to their kids, spend some time and remind their kids that bad things CAN happen in life. They were written to teach lessons to kids that parents might forget to go over otherwise.

Why would we NOT want to teach our kids about being kidnapped? It happens in real life and is something our kids need to know about so they can do anything they can to prevent it. Goldilocks teaches that if you break into someone's house, you never know what you are going to be in for. Look at the recent news where people have gotten shot because they broke into someone's house. And Cinderella being a bad image? Seriously? The last time I checked it was a story about a young girl that was mistreated and abused. She never gave up hope and was always kind. She got her payoff in the end and was rescued. It is a story of no matter how down you are, don't give up hope and your prince might just come along.

Look, you read what you want to your kids, but a lot of kids have a television in their room. A lot of kids have access to the internet. If you don't think your kids are watching shows that you don't approve of or going to websites that you would rather them not visit, you've got another thing coming. Check on them once in a while by surprise. You might be shocked to find out just how much your 5 year old angel really knows about life!

Now you tell me. Am I off base here? Am I completely clueless when it comes to the images being shown to kids? Do you read fairy tales to your kids?