Michael Sulsona recently got something in just one hour from three complete strangers at Lowe's Home Improvement Store what he's been waiting for years for from the Veteran's Administration. 

The Veteran's Administration should be ashamed of itself.

You see, Michael Sulsona lost both legs to a landmine in Vietnam in 1971 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. His chair is now falling apart and has been told for the last two years by the VA that he's "not entitled to a spare wheelchair".

On Monday, July 7, Michael was at a Lowe's Home Improvement Store in New York State when his wheelchair broke. Again.

That's when three employees removed him from his wheelchair, placed him in another chair and told him that they were going to "make his chair like new." They took his broken wheelchair apart and replaced the broken pieces.  Not only did they replace the pieces and get his chair all fixed up like new, they stayed 45 minutes past closing time to do it.

Michael wrote a letter to the Staten Island Advance newspaper to bring attention to what these three gentlemen did for him. In it, he says,

They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity.

This should restore your faith in humanity and it should also serve as public embarrassment for the VA.