A new survey has figured out the most hated NFL team in each state. No surprise in Minnesota; the Packers top the Hate-O-Meter in the Land-O-Lakes. But what states have the Vikings on their 'hate list?" The answer might surprise you.

Minnesota hates the Packers, but Wisconsin (and Michigan) hates the Bears. Likewise, Illinois hates the Packers too, so we're not alone. Who hates the Vikings? North & South Dakota according to this article published by sbnation.com. What's up with that? Nobody cares enough to hate the Lions.

New York, Florida, and Indiana hate the Patriots, while the rest of the Northeast hates the J-E-T-S.  The Northwest is heavily anti-49ers, while California, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Southwest are not real fond of the Seahawks.

The Southeast hates the Saints, while Mississippi & Louisiana decided to hate the Falcons right back. Texas hates the Eagles, and Pennsylvania hates the Cowboys. It's safe to say that Coloradoans are not Raiders fans, and Missouri & Arkansas cheer against the Broncos.

Kentucky & Tennessee hate the Texans, and Ohio hates the Steelers. Makes sense I guess.

Anyway, most of this aligns with divisional rivalries, but some seems completely random. I'm disappointed with the Dakotas' behavior. I'll have to think long and hard before I ever stop at Wall Drug for free ice water again.

You can see the infographic HERE.