It's 4th of July and the forecast is calling for a high around 80. That's just about perfect for a nice chilled glass of stars n' stripes sparkling sangria. 

I love sangria. It's perfect for summer time, or any time. The stars n' stripes sparkling sangria is just perfect for the 4th of July out on the patio.

I took blackberries and raspberries and layered them in a glass wine decanter. Over it, I poured a 1:1 mixture of Barefoot brand Moscato wine and Sprite. Your first instinct here would be to stir, but don't. Just take the pitcher and place it in the fridge. Moscato tastes the best when it's ice cold. I chill mine for about two hours and it's delicious.

Moscato wine has notes of orange blossom, honeysuckle and peach, so it is a sweeter wine. It's not quite into the dessert wine category, but you can expect a very sweet profile.

The stars n' stripes sparkling sangria pairs well with an apple based dessert or it's great at lunch with a summery salad. Where it will truly shine is next to a charcuterie plate or with a cheese course.