We should eat green, healthy food everyday...except on St. Patrick's Day when we drink green beer and eat green food that was never meant to be green. My girl and I thought we'd make some Shamrock cinnamon rolls for St. Patty's day breakfast but we weren't really concentrating (must of been all that green beer) and ended up with four leaf lucky clovers instead. PS - I didn't give my girl beer - she's just naturally not so good at concentrating. She's three.

  • 1

    Cut Out Your Dough

    It's amazing the shapes you can create with just a heart-shaped cookie cutter. We used ours to cut those refrigerated cinnamon rolls you can buy in a tube into heart shapes.

  • 2

    Make a Clover Shape

    Just three dough hearts would make a more traditional Shamrock shape but the four we used makes your clover lucky. Plus, you know you're going to eat them all anyway, why not make it easier by putting them all in one spot? We made the stems out of scraps from our heart cutouts.

  • 3

    Make Your Frosting Green

    Use green food coloring to make the frosting green. Looks weird, tastes frostinglicious!

  • 4

    Frost Your Clovers

    Now that your rolls have baked (just follow the directions on the cinnamon roll package) frost them and devour. To really celebrate the holiday wash them down with a green beer. Or, if you think you shouldn't be drinking green beer for breakfast, make a spinach smoothie. But really?! A spinach smoothie - gross!