After much consideration (procrastination) I finally picked up the phone and made a date with a trainer named Bob. Here we go.

I'm not good at working out on my own. That much I know for sure. I need accountability and someone to tell me what to do. If that seems like I'm weak, well, you're right. I am. But hopefully not for long!

Yesterday, I walked into Fitness Evolution and met Bob. A nice young man who will kick my butt around the gym for the next few months. Bring it. I'm ready. Bob said I do great squats. That's thanks to Nate, my previous trainer. In fact, Bob reminds me a lot of Nate.  Both great trainers. Make sure you get a good one when you start moving.

There's still time to be part of the St. Cloud Weight Loss Challenge and to jump on board with the Diet Free Life plan.

Next week we'll talk about smoothies. I'm looking at a case of FitPro and I'm ready to experiment! If you have any good recipes, let me know!