It has taken me almost to the end of the St. Cloud Weight Loss Challenge to get the exercise and the eating in sync. But I'm okay with that, and here's why.


The St. Cloud Weight Loss Challenge came about for a couple of reasons. To see who can lose the most weight in a certain amount of time for the chance to win lots of cash! But more importantly, to get you on track for a lifestyle change, no matter how long that takes you. It's not a race, it's a journey that begins with one step. It's up to you to take that step.

I can't technically win the cash. Hey, maybe that's why it took me longer to get moving! Whatever the reason, I'm moving now. And it feels good. Those CrossFit classes at Fitness Evolution in Sartell are killer. But I'm thrilled each time I get through it. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. Email me if you're hesitant about coming to a class. I'll make sure I'm at your first class with you!

So it seems my journey has really just begun, and will continue long after this particular challenge is over. Stay with me, we'll keep going together. One step at a time!