It is so crazy to think about how quickly summer has gone by and now it's time for incoming freshmen to get settled in to campus life.

I remember my first move in day at St. Cloud State.  Think back to the scene in Son In Law where they're moving Rebecca in to her dorm.  That was so my family and Zach is so my brother.

That first day, your family will embarrass you in front of your neighbors and new roommate.  You might as well prepare yourself for that, but don't worry all the other students are going through the same thing.

Your first year will be a little daunting and overwhelming.  You can find some helpful information on St. Cloud State's website.  They also put together a video for on campus move in day.

I will promise you this, you're going to have a blast your first year.  You are going to experience things you will never forget --and a few you won't want to remember.  You will meet people that will become lifelong friends.  This is going to be the greatest ride of your life.  Enjoy it, live it up!