The St. Cloud area has a lot of singles, likely because of the colleges. Just because it's Valentine's Day on Tuesday doesn't mean you have to be all frumpy.

Here's some ideas you can do around the St. Cloud area, and some other ideas that are great no matter where you live...


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    Go check out a non-sappy movie

    Spend some time taking your mind off the love going around. There's nothing like a 2 hour movie to do just that. Marcus Parkwood in Waite Park has a ton of great movies on Tuesday, plus it's discount night! You may want to avoid 50 Shades'll just make you even more love sick. Here's the movies showing on Tuesday.

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    Offer to watch your best "couple" friend's kids while they go out

    I know a few people who just prefer to not be out while people are on a date all over the place. Why not offer to watch the kids of some friends that need a sitter so they can go out and have a date. Everybody will feel good about you doing that!

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    Stop drowning in your sorrows, and find a date

    Believe it or not, there's a ton of single people who are out on the town on Valentine's Day. When love is in the air, it might be your best chance to meet somebody special! Wouldn't that be cool to say you met on Valentine's Day? All the area bars will be full of single people. If the bars around the St. Cloud area aren't your thing then go to Barnes & Noble, or the Lake George outdoor skating rink, or you could even see a show at the Paramount. Just go where there's plenty of single people.

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    Grab all your single friends and have a group night out

    Believe it or not, many of your single friends and co-workers are feeling the same way you are. Why not create a Facebook event and invite a bunch of people to get together and celebrate a different holiday on February 14th. For ladies it's "Galentine's Day". For guys it's "Palentine's Day"! Make it an anti-Valentine's Day.

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    Play Tinder Roulette with your other single friends

    This is a fun game that you can do at home, with both guys and girls. Grab the iPad, or connect your phone to your TV and swipe through Tinder profiles for a chosen person in the room. Whatever Tinder profile it lands on, that person needs to message them. Order in some pizza and stay in for the night. There's over 50 pizza places in central Minnesota, and most of them deliver.

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    Grab your best friend and act like a "couple"

    Many people have a friend of the opposite sex. These days it really doesn't matter. Maybe a friend that'll join you isn't of the opposite sex, so what. Nearly every place in the St. Cloud area is gay-friendly when they offer a "couples" special. Grab a massage, then go out to eat, all at a discount! Here's a few places that are popular for Valentine's Day dinner specials.