My favorite time of year is here. FALL!

I love being able to kick back and throw some burgers on the grill without feeling like I'm being cooked too. Fall is the greatest time of year for me... sitting around a fire with a cold beer (not some pumpkin spice something just cause it's fall) and having the windows open all night long. I love fall.

This fall probably won't be as relaxing after I created a new "Fall-To-Do List"... when did I become so busy and an adult that I actually have things I need to get done?

Anyway, I have a long list of things to get done, but here are my Top 10. As you will see, not all of it is work, I have to have some fun too!

1.) PLAN A WEDDING (this does not fall under fun, there is actually a time line to meet... Hopefully Brittany takes the lead and runs wild, but not too wild, with this one.

2.) Bathroom remodel

3.) Clean out the closets (even just tackling one closet a weekend and then getting the old clothes donated somewhere)

4.) Corn Maze (I've never been)

5.) Valley Scare or very good haunted house (when I was doing time in Iowa, the Spencer Jaycees put on an AWESOME haunted house)

6.) Find a scenic area where leaves are changing colors (suggestions needed)

7.) Go to a pumpkin patch (I hear the Nelson Farm in Litchfield is the place to go)

8.) Carve pumpkins (no painting)

9.)Learn to make something out of pumpkin (pie from scratch maybe)

10.) Buy a rake (yes, now I have to be responsible for my own yard)