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We have all done some things that we look back at now and think, "what was I thinking"... but at the time, the idea seemed like it would be a bunch of fun. Most of the time.

Since it's winter, I started thinking about what I did as a kid to have fun in the snow. Winter was always fun. Where I lived the the snow was piled high, higher than a shed in the parking lot, and this mountain of snow was ALMOST perfect to play "King of The Hill". Almost.

On one side, was just an open area where grass grew in the summer and snow fell in the winter. On the other side, cars. The hill was off to the side of parking lot at an apartment complex, so if you get blind sided or knocked off period, you hoped for the snow covered area and not the parking lot. Cars usually were not parked near the hill of snow, but concrete, ice chunks and falling around 10-feet never felt good on the parking lot side. I would still play that game today. Only I would try and find a hill not attached to a parking lot.

That's not such a bad idea, you get over falling on concrete, but the dumb idea came from the being so close to a shed. We would climb to the roof of the shed and jump and try to do different tricks. That was not the smartest idea we ever came up with. And of course, sometimes the top of the shed was icy... that didn't matter, until you slipped and hit the edge of the roof or missed the hill and landed on the concrete. Even then, that just meant TRY AGAIN. After you got your breath back.

Now for the absolute worst thing to happen to me in the winter. Have you ever seen "A Christmas Story"? I hadn't seen it this yearly in my life. I was around 8 years old and my TEENAGE cousins thought it would be funny to dare me to stick my tongue on railing near where we sledding. Well, the common sense didn't work very well for me at 8-years old and I did it... I stuck my tongue on on the hand railing.

While they laughed, I panicked and started crying. They didn't even have hot water or anything to get my tongue unstuck! Only option... yes, I ripped it off and lost some skin in the process. I ran to my aunts house crying, by the time I got there, I had a bleeding tongue with ice on my face from tears streaming down.

Luckily, my aunt had something just for this situation that you rubbed on the end of your tongue to sooth and numb the pain... now that I think about, she just happened to have that chap-stick like tongue care. I wonder if this was planned cause I talked too much?

What are some thing you did as kid during the winter that you wouldn't do today?