I came across this story last week and was absolutely disgusted by it.

Brandon Harker, a Washington resident and a member of the United States Army, spent nine months in Afghanistan.  While he was away, he left his dog in the care of a friend.  Or at least someone he thought was a friend.

In an interview with CNN, Brandon said that while he was deployed he would ask his friend for pictures of Oakley but would never receive any.  He was able to come home last month but the joy quickly faded when he discovered his friend had sold or given away his beloved dog.

I don't care who you do this to, it's despicable but in my mind, this is a million times worse because this man was out fighting for our freedom.  Now he has to fight to locate his dog. This so-called friend is lucky because Brandon refuses to name him.  I'm not sure I could show the same amount of class in his position.

This story has gone viral.  Brandon has posted a Craigslist ad to aid in the search of his dog.  A Facebook page has been set up, along with an online donation campaign to use as reward money for information or the return of Oakley.

I hope this story has a happy ending.  I hope the "friend" comes clean with Brandon and whoever has Oakley returns him to his rightful owner.