Love the smell of bacon, beer, and other "manly" meats, drinks and things of this world?  Well, you don't have to bathe in a tub full of beer to smell like the frothy stuff, just order some beer-scented ManHands soap from www.gadgetsandgear.comHere's some of the other notable ManHands Soaps.

Baseball Glove - There's nothing quite like that rich smell of a leather baseball glove. The game is on everywhere you go.

Bonfire - Only real men can build a bonfire, and only the manliest can smell like one.

Brewed Coffee - Don't worry you won't smell like a Frappuccino with whipped cream, we're talking a manly blend of black coffee.

Buttered Popcorn - Guys and girls may both like popcorn, but guys aren't afraid to pour on the extra butter. Awwwww yeahhhh.

Cash - There is no smell a young female will be more attracted to, trust us.

Cedar Log Cabin - Relax to the smell of a cozy log cabin from the comfort of your apartment full of smelly sweat socks and rotting food under your bed.

Fresh Cut Grass - Nothing screams man like mowing the lawn, so this smell will remind you of the smell of a job well done.

Top Soil - Nothing says manly like dirt, so now's your chance to smell like you're covered in it without all the worms and gravel.