Apparently the kids in California have nothing better to do than tip over Smart Cars.

Police in San Francisco are looking for the person or people responsible for a recent rash of car vandalism. It's not smashing windows or slashing tires. Nope. They're completely tipping the car over. 

Some Smart Cars have been found balanced on their headlights, some on their trunk, some on their side and some have been found on their roofs.

A police spokesperson said that they aren't sure if people are doing it for fun, to protest the high cost of living in the area or to protest the growing culture of technology and that they can't determine a motive without having someone in custody.

When I saw the first incident, I laughed because the cars are so small and light, but the police aren't treating this like a laughing matter. Whomever is responsible is facing felony vandalism charges and they're asking for the public's help in catching them. This apparently has been going on since 2011 when the Facebook page Smart Car Tipping popped up.

And that, kids is why I proudly drive an SUV.