We've all worked at jobs where we don't like our boss but what happens when your boss doesn't like you?

Yeah, I know you're the life of the party at work -- all your co-workers think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Maybe you are, but you're always going to have people that don't like you.  It could be jealousy or possibly someone thinks you're just plain obnoxious.  Whoever these people are that don't like you, do your best to make sure it isn't your boss.

I agree you and your boss should not be bff's (although I have had managers that I am very good friends with, so it can work.)  Here are some signs the boss just really doesn't like you:

  1. Holds one mistake over your head -- I mean so what if you accidentally transfer a half billion dollars of fictitious money?  That's a true story, I was still fairly new to the job and I caught my mistake right away.  I thought I corrected it and so did my supervisor.  I found out the hard way the next morning that we didn't.  The thing I felt the worst about was that my co-worker got in trouble with me.
  2. He or she has an attitude with you all the time -- I had a manager at one of my jobs (and I know for a fact she didn't like me) that was constantly rude or snippy with me.  She put rules in place that certain things needed to be approved by her but when I took those things to her, it was like I was asking the world of her.  There was no way I could win.
  3. He or she questions every move you make  -- There is nothing more irritating than being a total pro at your job and having your boss question every move you make.  My thought is they put you in that position, entrusting you to do each task it entails.  If they don't trust you to do it and they believe they know how to do it better then I say have at it.
  4. They don't have your back -- A good manager will have your back on a decision you make, especially if it's the right call.  I've been in positions where I have had to say no to something based on a standard procedure.  When the customer/client wants to speak with my manager, they'll go ahead and approve it.  I understand wanting to give a customer that best possible service, but what's the point in having a policy if you're not going to follow it?
I'm not saying that any one of these or even all four of them put together means your boss cannot stand the sight of you.  Not at all, but look closely at your supervisor's behavior.  These might be some indicators that they're not your #1 fan.  If so, you've got to figure out why they don't like you.  Then at least start pretending you like them and try to be someone they can respect, even if you're not best buds.