The Holidays are over, do you feel like like you're having withdrawals from shopping and  NEED to get to the mall NOW?  Well, you just might be a shopaholic.  I know people often make light of  people's need for shopping but this is a REAL condition with some life-altering consequences.  The similarities to other addictions like alcohol and drugs are scary.  Here's some signs you might be a shopaholic.

You lie about your purchases - People with a shopping addiction often find themselves hiding their purchases from family members or sneaking them into the house and pretending they already owned the items.

Your shopping habits are hurting your relationships. - When people with shopping addictions rack up debt or lie about their activities, it can inflict serious damage on close relationships.

YOU SHOP ALONE - Bringing trusted friends on shopping trips can help shopaholics keep their impulses in check.

You shop to feel better about yourself. - Shopaholics often report that buying a new dress or outfit provides a temporary confidence boost

You think of shopping as a hobby - Therapists recommend replacing shopping with other activities that don’t involve making purchases, such as recreational sports or cooking.

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