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My Top Five Moments from 2018
I've been reflecting on all of the great things that did happen this year. Here are my top 5 moments from 2018.
We're Accepting Applications For Summer Interns
Townsquare Media is looking for interns to fill our SUMMER 2018 program! The internship is designed to teach through a course weekly meetings and events within the St. Cloud market.
St. Cloud Woman Wins DG27
Congratulations to Becky Gonzales of St. Cloud — the winner of Dream Getaway #27! We called Becky this morning to let her know that she had won the trip of a lifetime.
Pete & Ashli Saying Goodbye
On Wednesday, Pete and I let the cat out of the bag that we won't be doing the morning show together anymore. It's bittersweet news. Pete and I have done the morning show together for nearly two years now. We've had a lot of memorable moments and I'm really going to miss it.
Is It Too Soon To Bring Out Your Fall Decor? [VOTE]
I posted a picture of it to Facebook and Instagram, and instantly got some backlash from the fall haters out there. You would have thought that I single-handedly killed summer for everyone out there.