This morning we held the final drawing for the $5000 Holiday Shopping Spree! 92 qualifiers came together at Crossroads Center Mall just outside JC Penney. Many had lists already made, some had no clue what they were going to purchase if they won.

At 9:55, we invited our friends from JC Penney to come over and pull the winner's name. The winning name was Roxie Saldana from Rice (Pictured left with hand raised)

Once Roxie got her thoughts collected, we headed outside the mall where David was waiting for us in the Pearl Limousine. We jumped in and Roxie said "Driver, take us to Powerhouse Equipment please". All of us thought what a strange request for a woman to ask to go to a power equipment dealer. We kind of thought she was just going to pick up something small for her husband. It turns out, that wasn't the case.

Roxie told us that she was tired of her lawnmower not starting. She had asked her husband several times to fix it and nothing happened. So, she decided she would take matters into her own hands and purchase a new mower! We actually had to ask her if this was really her idea or if Mark had influenced her decision. She told us it was all her idea.

Roxie qualified just before Thanksgiving and the next day she headed over to pick out the mower she would buy if she won. She told the sales people that when she won the money, she would be back to buy it. The sales guys figured they would never see her again. Today we pulled up in the Pearl Limo and she burst through the doors screaming "Remember Me! I'm Back and I Won"!

The sales people were genuinely surprised to see Roxie back in their store to spend the money with them. Because she had already had them estimate it for her, we were able to pay for it in just under 15 minutes. That's a new record for the shopping spree! Last year's winner spent it all in just under an hour - Roxie beat that record by a good 40 minutes!

Merry Christmas Roxie! We hope you enjoy your new mower! Now all you need is a walkman so you can listen to 98 Country while you are mowing your lawn!

Keep listening to 98 Country for more winning in 2011!