This summer Coca-Cola has replaced their famous logo with 250 popular names. Have you seen your personalized bottle or can yet? Find 'Peter' and 'Cynthia' bottles to win free Coke for a year or a $25 gas card from JM Speedstop. Here are the details on how to win.

  1. Find a 'Peter' or 'Cynthia' bottle or can of Coke or Diet Coke and include it in a selfie. (No purchase necessary because you can photo a bottle in the store without buying.)
  2. Email the photo HERE, including your name, address, and phone number.
  3. We'll draw a winner from submitted entries on 7/14, 7/21, and 7/28. (The 7/21 & 7/21 winners will receive a $25 JM Speedstop gas card, and the 7/28 winner will receive a case of Coke a month for a year.)
  4. And smile in your selfie!  :)