Here's my list of seven essential items that I think you should take to Winstock this weekend (or any other multi-day Minnesota summer music festival). You're responsible for your own camping checklist, but here are the rest of the essential 'must-haves.'

1. CASH.  Cash is king. 'They' say money can't buy you happiness, but I would guess that 'they' haven't been to a music festival. Stash some extra cash somewhere (other than your wallet) just in case you lose your wallet or purse. You'll be glad you did.

2. SUNSCREEN.  Sunburn hurts. Pain is not fun. Be the smart one.

3. BUG SPRAY.  It's Minnesota and we've had lots of rain this season. The mosquitoes are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Tell 'em I said hi.

4. PHONE CHARGER.  It's your GPS, your phone, your camera, your friend finder...and the battery WILL die.

5. CLOTHES FOR ANY WEATHER.  Again, it's Minnesota. Expect to experience at least three of the four seasons at some point during the weekend.

6. HAT.  Name another clothing item that keeps the sun off your head, the mosquitoes outta your hair, and makes an attitude statement at the same time? Practical & party-ready! Cowboy or ball cap?

7. SUNGLASSES.  Look cool (and your eyes will thank you).

Oh, and your mom called, she said to tell you to drink lots of water, be safe, and have fun. (And if you have plenty of #1, #2 through #7 become a little less important.)