Yesterday I was driving back from lunch and noticed the Liberty Tax guy standing on the corner of Division and Hwy. 15 and I thought to myself, Who hasn't done their taxes and why?

I understand there are people that run a business and can't do their taxes until later in the season because they are waiting on paperwork, but I'm talking about the average Joe like me. Mine were done by January 30th and my refund was in the bank the following week. The concept of waiting until the last minute to do an EZ return is foreign to me.

It became evident to me yesterday seeing that Liberty Tax is still advertising for taxes to be done and the deadline is just over a week away. Normally they have Lady Liberty on the corner, but yesterday is was Uncle Sam. My first thought was why have people not done their taxes? My second thought was, Who are these people that haven't filed yet? My last question was, If I haven't done my taxes, I'm not sure that seeing Uncle Sam on the street corner is going to make me rush right in.

I guess because I have already filed my taxes, I wouldn't see the value in being reminded where the local tax professional's office is located. Maybe these people that have waited this long to file need a walking Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam to remind them that there are pros out there that will file your taxes right now.

Now I want to know, Have you filed your taxes? If you haven't, why have you waited so long? And, Do you regret not getting them finished sooner?