I don't think I will ever fully understand where people's minds are. If you are going to meet the guy that just sang his heart out on stage, be nice enough to dress appropriately.

Newcomer Thomas Rhett posted this photo to his Facebook page. It is from a meet and greet in upstate New York the other night. It's a nice picture and I'm sure the two fans in the photo were thrilled to meet him. I just have a few things that are just wrong about this picture.

Number 1 - Why are these people half naked? I checked, this location is almost smack in the middle of New York state. There's not a beach for miles around. Obviously this was some sort of outdoor festival, but there's no water - why are you wearing a bathing suit? Or is that just a bra?

Number 2 - They obviously had time to attach their meet and greet passes to their pants, so they obviously knew they were not wearing a shirt. Maybe you should do something about that before getting in the meet and greet line up. These things are a process, you know you are going to go backstage well before actually doing it, then you wait in line for a while before you actually meet the artist.

Number 3 - Let's say for a second that it is just really hot and you truly needed to get half naked to stay cool. Ok, I'll go along with that. I don't know about you though, I don't want to touch someone's slimy, sweaty, bare skin on a hot day.

Number 4 - If you happen to end up with meet and greet passes make sure you bring a shirt. I am sure the artists will appreciate it.