Have you ever tried to explain lefse to someone who has no idea what it is? You're better off just sending a package or two to them with instructions attached!

I love the idea of sending far away friends and family a Christmas package filled with  goodies made right here in Minnesota. Often times, these are goodies they've never experienced!

For instance, our beloved lefse. There are many brands to choose from, just make sure it's made locally. It can be shipped easily!  It might be harder to throw in the butter and sugar, but I'm sure they can find that wherever they live.

How about Pearson's Nut Goodies!  When I lived on the east coast, I picked up a few in the airport every time I came home!

Don't forget the wild rice. Harvested right here in Minnesota, and it seems to come in every gift package imaginable!

There's Wild Country Maple Syrup from Lutsen, St. Pete's Blue Cheese made in Fairbault, plus wine, wine and more wine from one of the many wineries around the state.

And of course there's Spam. My ex-mother-in-law Patty, made the best darn spam burgers around. Email me and I'll send you the recipe. I'm not even kidding here, they were great! Send someone a can of Spam from Minnesota. And while you're at it, throw in a hotdish recipe book. It's easier than putting hotdish in the mail.

Merry Christmas!