I have to give props to Scotty McCreery for this one, he's doing his first ever USO concert in Minot, ND, my home state.

For those who many not recall, a couple years ago Minot was devastated by flood, much of the town was under water causing many to have to move or rebuild.  It got the attention of President Obama and hometown hero Josh Duhamel and his wife Fergie visited and the Black Eye Peas even did a free concert to raise money.

The city still has not fully recovered so it's nice to see the city and it's military residents have not been forgotten for their hard work rebuilding.

Accoring to Taste Of Country, McCreery is looking forward to this free and exclusive event, saying, “It’s because of the men and women who defend this country, and the sacrifices of their families, that we are able to wake up everyday with the freedoms that we often take for granted.”