Before 'American Idol' Scotty McCreery was the pitcher for his high school baseball team. Now that he is a famous singer with a couple of hit singles, a debut album on the shelves, and tours on the books, you would think there would be no time in his life for a measly high school baseball team...wrong!

Scotty returned to Garner High School to finish his senior year and that included pitching for his team. Now that is a grounded kid.

So last Thursday Garner was playing East Wake High School, Scotty was on the pitchers mound, and it was the third inning. He threw the pitch and the batter hit a one-hopper right back to Scotty hitting him in the throat.

Now usually when a pitcher gets hit in the throat you cringe for him because you know it hurts, and it may knock the wind out of him for a minute, but more than likely he would be just fine. But in this case, Scotty's singing career depends on his throat being in tip-top shape. So you can imagine how scary that would have been for a split second. Thankfully Scotty was just fine, he immediately returned to the game, even striking out the batter that hit him.

The ACM winner for New Artist of the Year is heading out on tour with Brad Paisley for the summer, hopefully there won't be any more baseball mishaps