Any parent tries to teach their kids to be nice, right? Help old ladies cross the street, say please and thank you or hold the door open for someone with their arms full. You teach your kids this, then hope they remember it when they are in public.

According to Tide Water News a middle school student in Virginia recognized a lady at the door who had her arms full and opened the door for her. The school then suspended that student for one day because he broke a rule. The rule is, no one is to open the doors. Visitors must be buzzed in after being seen by office staff.

I completely understand the school takes security seriously. There's nothing more important than keeping our kids safe while they are getting an education. But seriously, they suspended the kid for being nice? Wouldn't detention have proven the same point?

I want to know what you think! Do you think this kid deserved suspension? What punishment would have fit this "crime"?

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