Prior to Friday night's show in Onamia, I had heard of Sarah Darling but I didn't know her music.  I do now and it's pretty incredible.

Sarah opened for Kellie Pickler and man, that girl can sing.  She sang a few songs off her upcoming album.  One was titled Wasted and it's not about girls going out and having a good time.  It has a similar feel to Carrie Underwood's song by the same name but lyrically they're very different.  It's really good!



She also did a song that is a tribute to her late Grandfather -- the name of it escapes me -- but it was beautiful and a bit of a tear jerker.  I really enjoyed her tune Home To Me As Well.  

Before her time was up she did a medley of Fleetwood Mac tunes.  Normally I don't like covers because I think the artist really needs to put their own stamp on it without going way out in left field.  I also think artists try to mimic the original and well, sometimes you just shouldn't mess with perfection.  In this case, she really did a nice job.  She has a Stevie Nicks feel to her voice and she owned the songs.  I think she'd make Fleetwood proud!



I didn't know Sarah Darling or her music before Friday night and I was incredibly impressed.  She's got a lot of talent and her show was low key, which I found really refreshing.  I will be on the lookout for her next album for sure!