Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood are practically BFF's (best friends forever for those of you who didn't know) so it's not a far-fetched rumor, in fact I think it's more than likely true.

The two power-house musicians have teamed up before and the result was incredible, so why not put that kind of dynamic into an album. Steven and Carrie did a mash-up of some of their biggest hits at the ACM Awards last year, and they also teamed up for CMT's 'Crossroads' earlier this year.

The only part of the rumor that leaves me slightly skeptical is that it's supposedly a country ballad that could cross over into other genres. I guess I find it hard to imagine Steven Tyler pulling it off.

If this rumor does in fact turn out to be true Carrie won't be the only country artist, or the only American Idol alum to make a vocal appearance on the record. Lauren Alaina, who was runner-up to Scotty McCreery last year on the show and is now making a name for herself in country music will be singing backing vocals for one of the songs.

Aerosmith's new album titled 'Music From Another Dimension' will be out August 28th.