Ronnie Dunn's first solo album is set to release on June 7 and he's promised to deliver a music video for every song that's on the album. His first release from the album is Bleed Red and in late April he released the video for it.

Releasing a video for every song on an album is very uncommon. If you've ever tried to produce any type of video, you know it is quite costly. Most music videos will run in the $100,000 plus range. So artists will only produce videos for songs they are releasing to radio - until now.

You may think, well Ronnie has tons of Brooks & Dunn money, he can afford it. Well, however true that may be, that's not the case here. Ronnie has actually hired a video team that is producing these videos at a fraction of the cost a normal video shoot would cost. Very smart on Ronnie's part!

Here are the two latest videos from the album Ronnie Dunn. The first is Love Owes Me One, the second is I Can't Help Myself.