I don't know if anyone could have seen into the future and realized that the Georgia Satellites were going to sound a LOT like the modern country bands of today when they got rolling back in the 80's.

The band from (guess where?) Atlanta, Georgia was considered more of a Rock band at the time, their influences were more based in Southern Rock and even AC/DC.  Ironically though as time went on the Country artists developed more of a Rock swagger and stage show that was reminiscent of the "Satellites".

"Keep Your Hands To Yourself" was a massive hit and really the only one people remember.  They fizzled out when Alternative came into the scene.  At the time there wasn't a place for them in Country so they became lost in the shuffle.

Frontman Dan Baird had a mild hit with "I Love You Period" after he left the band in 1990.  He became a fan-favorite in Alt-Country scene over the years and still likes to crank out the tunes live.  The Georgia Satellites also continue to play live as well without Baird.

Georgia Satellites Live on MTV doing their big hit "Keep Your Hands To Yourself".