Even though Tesla is a California band, they always had a more Southern Rock vibe to their music that appealed to a wide-base of music fans.  "Modern Day Cowboy" was inviting Country fans into the fold as well.

Telsa is playing at this year's "Halfway Jam" in Royalton on July 25-27.  Fans of today's Country will find a lot to love about these guys.  Guitarists Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch always implemented acoustic and some slide into their songs that gave them that Southern Rock edge.

They were lumped into the "Glam" era of the 80's simply because they came out at the same time, but they always hated that label.  They proved they had more staying power as they had a major label release in 1994 far after most of the "Big Hair" had fallen by the wayside.

One of Tesla's biggest hits was off their 1990 acoustic release "Five Man Acoustic Jam" as they covered the song "Signs".  It really changed the way rockers looked at acoustical music too, after that the MTV continued a series of bands doing acoustical sets.

In 1991 the band put out "Psychotic Supper" and released a ballad complete with slide guitar and a more country sound, it's called "What You Give".