If there was ever a song the ultimate song that crossed the boundaries of Rock and Country it would have to be Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road".

The song is still played on both formats and it still fits perfectly on either Classic Rock OR Country, very few songs could make that claim.  Ironically his song "Guitar Town" is another that's played under both formats.

Earle has never really fit under one genre, he's been called everything from Country Rock, Americana, Roots Rock, folk, alt-country and everything in between.  He's got a strong following but never achieved super-stardom in the mainstream.

His music has changed slightly over the years, he's done some more acoustic material and actually has done a lot of movie soundtrack material too.  He's been a big influence on the Country Music world over the years and has written for artists like Vince Gill, Travis Tritt and others.

Here's the video for "Copperhead Road" off his 1987 release "Exit 0".