On my very first "Rock The Country" feature we're going to talk about producer Dan Huff, who's recently worked on the latest release for Keith Urban.Dan Huff is easily one of the biggest names in Nashville.  He was Musician of the Year award in 2001 and 2004 at the Country Music Association Awards and the Producer of the Year award in 2006 and 2009 at the Academy of Country Music.

Huff has worked with many different artists and genre's over the years.  Check out this eclectic list;  Faith Hill, Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Michael Bolton, Whitesnake, Paula Abdul and many others.

Basically Huff is a writing and producing machine who knows how to write and create hit music.  But did you know he got his start in the christian band "Whiteheart"?  He found 'bigger' success with his band "Giant".

"Giant" was a more secular version of "Whiteheart" and broke into the scene in the late 80's and were quickly lumped into the "Hair Bands" even though they had a sound closer to the AOR band like Foreigner and Journey.

Here's their video for "I'm A Believer" that features Dan Huff on guitar and vocals... and check out that hair!

Keith Urban "A Little Bit Of Everything" from "American Idol".