John Cougar Mellencamp was in the news lately for getting in a fight with his son.  David Letterman brought it up on a recent appearance because of the nice shiner he was sporting.Mellancamp has always had that "Americana" feel to his music that fits so well with Country.  One could argue if he was coming us through the ranks today he would be under the Country umbrella.

His music always resonated with the rural communities.  "Small Town"  literally says it all when it comes to his music.  "Jack & Diane" talked about your typical Anywhere, U.S.A. couple and high school love.  When you listen to his music you're instantly transported somewhere in the Midwest hanging out at a Tastee Freeze.  Ok, I stole that from his song, but I literally did that when I was growing up in small town North Dakota.

Even though he never actually charted in the Country charts, there's obviously a lot of crossover in the audiences.  Mellencamp is a staple in Classic Rock, but he brought so many elements of Country to his music that he is appreciated across many genres of music.

From 1983 here's "Pink Houses" back when he was known just as "John Cougar"

Pink Houses

John Cougar on Letterman talking about his "shiner" and fighting with his son.  If that's not a country song I don't know what is!