Looking from the outside, "Drivin N Cryin" was a band with an identity crisis.  Not so much from within' the band, but from a label standpoint they were hard to categorize.They hailed from the deep South in Atlanta so they had a lot of Country and Southern Rock influences.  However, lead singer Kevn Kinney had moved from Milwaukee and he was into Folk music as well.

The combination of sounds was very unique, they had a very strong following in the south which led to a major label deal.  But again the problem was, where do these guys fit in with their eclectic sound?

So in 1991 they broke through with a more Alternative Hard Rock sound with "Fly Me Courageous".  It was their most commercially successful release, but it seemed it was a direction maybe the band didn't want to go.  They stripped down the sound after that and now they're tour as more of a Southern Country Folk band.

The bands 1989 release "Mystery Road" provided a Southern Country sound with a couple of their more fan-favorite songs "Honeysuckle Blue" and "Strait To Hell".

Live in 2012 "Strait To Hell"