Olympic athletes are super cool but not all of the Olympic events can make that same claim. Curling, anyone? With the Summer Olympics kicking off in London later this month, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the lame sports that used to be Olympic events.

  • Pelota

    An ancient sport and an Olympic Event in 1900, Pelota is a very fast, competitive game of catch. This video, from Lonely Planet, claims the sport is making a comeback.

  • Swimming Obstacle Race

    This sport was also featured in the 1900 Olympics and was a swimming race with a pole the swimmers had to climb up and down and fleet of boats they had to climb over and and swim beneath.

  • Solo Synchronized Swimming

    This one went on for a while before they pulled the plug - 1984 to 1992. Synchronized swimming is already a little weird but, seriously, how do you synchronize swimming...to yourself?

  • Club Swinging

    Held during the 1904 and 1934 Games, this sport is like rhythmic gymnastics but with bowling pins. For men who don't want to twirl ribbons...but still want to twirl.

  • Plunge For Distance Diving

    Held in 1904, it's like the long jump in water. Only you're not allowed to move. No moving? Now how athletic is that?

  • Pistol Dueling

    I couldn't find a video of people actually shooting each other - must be against the law or something. They didn't actually shoot at people during the 1906 Olympics either. They shot at dummies in fancy coats. I'm betting the dummy never won the duel.

  • Underwater Swimming

    So, back in 1900 when this was an Olympic event, they didn't have underwater cameras. You can see the problem. Luckily, today we not only have underwater cameras, we also have shirtless Navy Seals doing the swimming. Yay for us!