Over the last few months I have been thinking about trying to train puppies that will later become service dogs for the blind, deaf or even wounded warriors.  Seeing what this dog can do makes we me want to do something like that even more.

It's becoming more and more evident to me how therapeutic animals can be.  I know people who have trained puppies that would later become service dogs.  I've seen how a dog visit can make a chemotherapy appointment a little brighter.  I think we sometimes forget all the great things animals can do for us.

Ricochet was supposed to be a service dog.  Months and months were spent training her and she did well.  However, her mom realized this was not her calling.  Oddly enough, surfing was what she was born to do.  Yes, Ricochet can surf and she is using her talents to help raise money to help children, people with disabilities and wounded warriors.

Grab a Kleenex and take a peak at Ricochet's training and the way she is giving back.