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Fans of Lady Antebellum have been anticipating the release of 'Golden' for months.  We had been hearing for weeks how the trio stepped out of their comfort zone to make this album.

We got our first taste of what to expect when they released 'Downtown.'  The song is catchy, upbeat and very different than anything they've done before.  If the song alone wasn't enough to show you they stepped out of their element, the video certainly showcased Hillary's sense of humor.

Check out their performance on Ellen yesterday.

Their follow up single is 'Goodbye Town,' which is incredibly good.  Charles vocals, along with a slower but catchy melody, paint a picture of a go nowhere town.  Hillary takes the lead for one powerful moment at the end of the song and it just gives me goosebumps.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is 'It Ain't Pretty.'  The song is about a girl who gets her heart broken and ventures out to the bar for the first time since it happened.  We can all relate to it in some way and it's accompanied by a beautiful melody.

'Golden' is everything Lady Antebellum promised it would be.  It provokes a mixture of emotions--happiness, sadness and heartbreak.  The trio said from the get go this would be a great road trip album and I believe they're right.  They have truly put together something that is different from anything else they've done which is refreshing.